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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 23, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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marianne is joining us from police headquarters. how many are coming back to the job? >> reporter: a total of 34 officers have been offered their job back but the majority say no thanks, they will not be returning to the department. they were greeted by this sign, telling them that the lobby is closed because of staffing shortage. while they are operating fewer than 300 officers than they did in 2005, many of the 66 officers laid off in june have something to celebrate this thanksgiving. >> we've been able to offer jobs to approximately 50 of them. not all of them have accepted. a number of them have come back. but the numbers that are waiting to be reinstated are right around 15 to 16. >> reporter: many of the officers are able to return to the department because of openings created by retirements. but 28 of the officers offered their jobs back declined. for some, because they found jobs elsewhere. which means the city is no
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longer benefiting from major investments in those officers. >> it costs about $150,000 to train each other. >> reporter: despite rehiring each police officer, san jose has not added positions. the department is still operating with 1100 officers in a city with more than one million people. san jose police officers association president says some officers say "no thanks," because they fear that they will be laid off again. >> we're happy about it. we wish it was all 66 but we also worry that we're going to be in the same fix june 30th of next year, that they are looking at being laid off again. >> reporter: potentially increasing risks to public safety. the police office officers asso says that there is another trend going on. 47 police officers have retired, which is higher than what occurs
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every year. >> marianne, thank you. as for the great get away, thanksgiving is upon us. going home for the holidays. live on 880 where the traffic has been thick for hours. the headlights driving southbound near oakland coliseum. planes, trains, automobiles, whatever means necessary to get home, millions of americans are on the move. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri explains when we can expect the traffic to start. first, scott budman is live at san jose airport. scott? >> reporter: the planes have been taking off on time. the weather is cooperating all over the bay area. since we talked to you in the last hour, a lot more cars have come off the freeway heading down to san jose airport. but all day long things have been running smoothly, both outside and inside. i want to take you inside and show you how for the first time in quite some time we had an
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airport free of construction here at san jose. passengers have gotten hip to how to do security lines. they have been moving smoothly all day and all evening long. most of the passengers that we talked to say they actually got here earlier than they had to. >> we kept hearing that today's the busiest travel day of the year and we got to the airport early and just sailed through. there were empty seats on our flight. it was one of the quietest flights from houston to san jose that i've ever been on. >> today is not the busiest day for us. it's probably in august when you have business travel and leisure travel at the same time. >> reporter: all right. now, from san jose i want to take you up north to san francisco, where a similar scene, lots of people, of course, but things were pretty smooth. in fact, as you just heard, they don't really expect today to be the busiest day of travel. look forward to the weekend to
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get busier, especially sunday night as people come back into the bay area. airport officials tell us that is going to be the business heiest time of all. lots of cars lining up and lots of traffic around the airport f you're planning on flying out tonight or planning on picking someone up, give yourself a little extra time. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> give yourself some extra time. thank you, scott. all right. let's check in with jeff ranieri. we're waiting for the rain to start. has it started? >> yes, it's started into the north bay. if we get a storm system, this is the time that we want it. mainly dry conditions throughout most of the day. with the storm moving to the south, we're starting to see a little bit of rainfall advance into the north bay. the rainfall continues to develop through tonight and you can see it's going to be a cold rain with temperatures in the low 50s in the north bay. tracking gusty winds at the coastline. right now out at the south at 20 miles per hour, those of you in
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gernville and santa rosa, it's very slow moving so that's going to bode well, especially for those of you in the east and south bay. so we're looking for this rain to continue through thanksgiving morning and we still have periods of showers lingering and then we get into some clearing for the holiday. we just heard from scott budman and we're still experiencing major delays in san francisco, 2 1/2 hours behind and moderate delays in seattle. more on the storm system and who will see the most rain in just a few minutes. >> okay. thank you, jeff. well, this friday, think small. not big. that's the message from bay area retailers. local merchants are asking credit card-wilding and shoppers to go to mom and pop shops
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instead of big box stores. they've named it plaid friday. jodi hernandez is live. >> reporter: local retailers realize there's a lot of buzz about plaque friday but they are hoping to think big shoppers to think outside of the big box. we're hear on fourth street and berkeley. as you mentioned, it's a street famous for those quaint little boutiques. ven fors hope you'll head to places like this instead of the super stores for your holiday shopping. >> these come from old car seats, basically, 1978 ford mustang. >> reporter: randy brewer shows us the unique gift options that his shop convert has to offer. >> they are all vegan shoes and all made from recycled fabrics. >> items that he hopes will bring shoppers through his store
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this holiday season. >> if you want something unique, come to us. and if you want to have someone talk to you and make you feel good about what you purchased and not just grab it off the wall, we're for you. >> black friday just hours away. there's a push tonight for folks to bypass the big box stores and head instead to small locally owned shops. >> we really want to promote just going to your neighborhood first and resources for holiday shopping for anything that you need. putting your community first. >> in berkeley, many people are on a discount card, to encourage people to shop mom and pop. >> they give whatever discount they feel like giving. my local berkeley card, they give whatever discount they feel comfortable giving. >> reporter: the push is all local in oakland, too. it specializes in t-shirts and
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other items made in oakland. after a slump in sales, amid the occupy oakland events downtown, they say they need a boost. >> we screen all of our shirts by hand. you're coming here and getting a necklace one of a kind made here. no one else has it. >> reporter: we are back here live in berkeley. fourth street is all decked out for the holidays. and they have named it plaid friday to create diversity. certainly a lot of that out here in berkeley, including that store that offers the one of a kind all vegan shoes. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. black friday is not just about shopping. it's also about security. b.a.r.t. police officers will be stationed at downtown san francisco stations where thousands of shoppers are expected. b.a.r.t. police ride on trains and control b.a.r.t. parking lots. we want to remind shoppers to be cautious and to report any suspicious activity. new at 6:00, not so lucky shoppers. those picking up may have used a tamper credit card and debit reader. the grocery store issued an advisory warning stores that 20 stores bay-area wide were impacted. the readers tampered were at self-check out lanes only. they were immediately removed from the stores. so far, no customer accounts have been reported as compromised. if you want a list of all of the stores affected, go to our website at and
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search "lucky". it will be a painful holiday for many people in vallejo. a memorial service for slain police officer will be held for james. last night there was a memorial. he was a u.s. marine and a 19-year veteran of the vallejo police force. he was killed during a police pursuit last week. he is the fourth vallejo police officer to be killed in the line of duty in the city's 155-year history. an occupy supporter has confessed to vandalizing banks since november 11th. he allegedly wrote the word "foreclosure" on the banks. a surveillance video was obtained where he was tagging the buildings. he has not been arrested. the district attorney, though,
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does have the case. the occupy movement in san francisco could be relocating. merchants near justin herman plaza are fed up and say it's bad for business. the mayor, ed lee, is suggesting that protesters move to the site of a former high school on mission street between 15th and 16th streets. the proposed site is essentially a parking lot with adjacent portable classrooms, all of it fenced in. it's the campus of the old phoenix continue walgs school. it's far from a done deal, though. the city's board of education must approve it and it's not even clear if the occupy activist will agree to move. there's still got to have a gadgets. why apple is at the center of a frenzy. if an ipad is on your list, i'll show you where you can get more than 10,000 titles for free. an old favorite returns to
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the theaters this weekend. recognize these guys? yes, the muppets are back. a peak at the bay area technology bringing the whole crew back to life. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri on this busy holiday evening. we have a cold 59 in san francisco and 63 in san jose. we're tracking our storm. we're going to have the timing on this and who will get the most rainfall coming up in just a few minutes. also, we'll look at those travel delays.
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buckle up and drive safely. the chp officers are urging people to be patient, especially with the rain in our forecast. the maximum enforcement period starts tonight and will continue through sunday. >> it's all about safety.
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we want to take an opportunity to tell everybody to wear your seat belts, drive safely. if you're driving, don't drink. if you're drinking, don't drive. >> chp arrested more than 1,000 people during the thanksgiving holiday last year. well, an e-reader or a kindle may be on your holiday list but there's a word of caution. most users say they do read more online ads and as a result spend more money, too. something that could be good for the brain may be a drain on the wallet when all of the e-purchases add up. >> reporter: librarians love the sight of people buried in books. so the tablets that let readers not touch books, but they don't. >> people are reading more on the e-readers so that's wonderful. >> reporter: they knew that digital content was going to be
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big with its users and in 2003 they started spending money. $30,000 back then, and that's grown every year and today digital content accounts for 5% of a $10 million budget. of the san jose ten public library locations, the digital branch is the one growing the fastest. readers can access 10,000 titles on the overdrive collection alone and, yes, there's an app for that. >> and it looks like this. >> reporter: plus, a one-click collection of audio books, and even the two children's collections dedicated to the youngest readers. >> they are modern, current materials that you'd find on our bookshelf, just in e-format. they are constantly available when the bookshelf is available to you. >> reporter: they expect to be busy. in december, the library will host e-reading petting zoos.
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they will make sure you know how to load them up with free content and give folks one more reason to get their reads through the digital library. >> you won't get any fines. they expire automatically. so you don't ever have to pay a fine again. >> reporter: who knew librarians would ever be okay with you putting down your book? >> kris visited the san jose library today and visited others around the bay area as well. all you need to do is check your own local library website for their e books and e-links. microsoft is exploring another bid for the sunny-based yaho yaho yahoo! giant. yahoo! has been looking at taking over part of its business and microsoft tried unsuccessfully to buy yahoo! in
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2008. microsoft is mainly trying to protect advertising deals with yahoo! as the south bay company goes through any possible transitions into no health insurance? no problem. the city of oakley is offering another option for health care starting next week. a new health clinic for under and uninsured patients will open next thursday. the clinic operated by the nonprofit organization is located at the cypress square shopping center. all patients must register at the clinic before they can be seen. a follow up to a story we've been looking at. the controversy over garbage rates in the city of belmont is still in limbo, despite lots of feedback from residents at last night's meeting. council members couldn't reach a consensus on the proposed 22% hike. last year the council encouraged more recycling by switching to 20-gallon garbage cans.
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some 1500 customers downsized, meaningless money for the city. now they need to raise rates to pay the garbage bill. the mayor is refusing to raise the rates and wants the council to focus on other options. a council assembly woman for shoplifting was arrested. she was charged with stealing nearly $2500 worth of clothing. she has pleaded not guilty. she's due back in court on december 7th when a preliminary hearing will be scheduled to see whether or not there's enough evidence to move this case forward. an electrifying report from the state legislative analyst today on the cost of banning nuclear energy in california. the nuclear waste act of 2012 would force the state's two nuclear power plants to shut down until the federal government comes up with a place to store nuclear waste. the cost to consumers? higher electricity rates and the possibility of rolling
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blackouts. the taxpayers would pay billions. california relies on nuclear power for 16% of its electricity. supporters need more than half a million signatures by april 16th to qualify for the november ballot next year. budget concerns could clip the wings of the navy's blue angels. the super committee means the pentagon could be looking at a trillion dollars in cuts, trillion with a t, over the next decade. critics say the blue angels are expensive and continue flying. supporters say it will enhance recruiting. let's talk about this rain moving in tonight and through tomorrow morning, right, jeff? >> yes. it's slow movement and really it's a good situation for any of your travelers getting in kwur cars. the delays and keep in mind
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developing in the north bay, it's going to be north to south motion and the peninsula and finally in the south bay, we're finding showers in cloverdale, impacting 101. if you're headed north of santa rosa, get prepared for heavier rainfall. we get into showers along bodega bay. it's a cold rain. temperatures only in the 50s. we're tracking winds anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. numbers today, down from what we had two days ago. 63 in san rafael. 59 in napa and 52 in los gatos. it can probably help you get ready for those holidays. with thanksgiving, of course, as you head into tomorrow. 57 in hayward and currently 58 in concord. so we have the breezy conditions right now starting to ramp up. if you're headed up here along the coastal areas tonight, be prepared for possibly windy
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conditions. the rain overall is continuing to move off towards the south. so eventually when that rain pushes out, what we're going to find for thanksgiving and into friday, through tomorrow we have the rainfall throughout the north bay and then by 11:00 p.m., san francisco and peninsula getting in on the rainfall. it's not going to be until the early hours of the morning in the east and south bay. we'll start to see the showers and heaviest rainfall. look at this bull's eye, possibly one to two inches into the extreme northern california end and from san francisco southward. we're talking about ten to right around a quarter of an inch. rainfall totals varying widely with this storm system. overall, again, 10:00 p.m. tonight. the rain develops and showers throughout thanksgiving morning and by the afternoon hours on thanksgiving we expect clearing. upper 40s to start on the thanksgiving morning. you're getting all of the trimming ready and still you're hanging out in your pajamas and
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relaxing. low 50s throughout the midday hours. delays in new york and throughout the bay area. in seattle, some of the most major delays right now in new york city, philadelphia, and also right here into parts of san francisco. we're going to track this throughout the show and we'll have more coming up on the showers and track it on the radar, you guys. >> thank you, jeff. see you in a bit. snow white, alad din, some of your favorite characters on youtube. hundreds of disney movies are available for rental on the website. disney are $3.99 and older classics may be for free. disney will be launching its own streaming channel on the youtube website. >> there will be a lot of clicks on that one. still ahead, do it yourself .s e bay area hot spoopt ere op arele trying their hand at
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the muppets are back and some say it will be the best children's movie of the year. of course it will. it has miss piggy. it's going to be the movie event of the season. at least if you like the combination of technology and puppets. and who doesn't? business and tech reporter, scott budman, shows us how this technology is powering the muppets. >> reporter: in what may be the best news, the muppets are back on the screen. and it's equipped with technology, not enough to distract you. but enough special effects to spice things up in muppet land. >> you know, it's a little campy
6:27 pm
tongue and cheek version of it. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: if look effects were to make sure that their technology looked nothing like technology. >> you still want to feel like he's in that environment. >> reporter: here in silicon valley they make quick work of complex scenes. >> it's showing you the graphic. that's what it all comes down to. how much capacity you have or storage or bits or bites. they want to see what the effect is, what the next exploding business or tornado that you're creating is going to look like. >> in other words, you'll enjoy
6:28 pm
watching these guys, thanks to the work done behind the scenes, by these guys. >> the more that i can do to provide them with the tools to allow them to do the really cool, creative stuff, the better our company will do, the more people will enjoy the films, the more creativity will come out and innovation and that's really what it's all about. >> it all was supposed to look like the muppets. but completely more fantastic and like done in another way. >> suck it up. >> this is going to be a really short movie. >> t >>. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. a blending of muppet and technology is fitting because jim henson was known for blending a little bit of tact
6:29 pm
with his story telling. if you've been wanting to buy an ipad or iphone but haven't had the money, an ultra rare apple discount, apple is holding a one-day shopping event on friday, a page on the apple's website invites shoppers to visit the online store in a typical cryptic fashion, it's not making details but has marked down the ipads by $41. what uc leaders were trying to avoid. after now the infamous pepper spraying. i'm gentleman janelle wang, what one california lawmaker is proposing at colleges and universities. and a holiday staple may be off your thanksgiving table and your thanksgiving menu, but that's not stopping some people
6:30 pm
from taking ows.hand ihe own hands. take a look. we're back in a moment.
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uc davis has turned into a political hot spot. the occupy movement on campus is growing. and the community is rallying around the demonstration. here is chris from our nbc station in sacramento. >> reporter: the camp is growing. >> the occupy movement is setting in. >> reporter: more than 90 tents by midafternoon. there's electricity, a makeshift kitchen, gathering place, and restrooms. >> reporter: how long will this stay here? >> as long as it takes. >> reporter: also growing is the curiosity factor. more of the community stopping by. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: some making donations. >> started out as a currents events project and we've been talking about it at home a lot and they are starting to support it so i definitely want them to
6:33 pm
be able to express freedom as speech as well as remain active. >> reporter: some members of the occupy sacramento movement. >> this is much different mentality. the feeling is different but it's awesome. >> reporter: this campsite is what the university was trying to avoid a week ago and by the looks of it, it's getting more and more established. >> we need to come together and start the discussion of, is that something permanent? does it make sense to have a permanent? is it something else we'd like to do? i don't think we're ready to have that discussion with students right now. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. well, the penn state child sex abuse scandal is prompting california to take its own action tonight. >> nbc bay area janelle wang is following the case. so many painful twists and turns. >> state senator juan vargas introduced state legislation that would require allstate university university coaches to report it.
6:34 pm
that policy was already put in place but it would be made state law. penalties up to 12 months in jail and a $5,000 fine. this comes after jerry sandusky was charged with molesting 8 boys. joe paterno was fired from his head coaching job after he didn't do enough to stop the abuse. the death toll continues to rise in egypt as 38 people are reported dead and the military is trying to calm the situation by bringing in mediators and standing down. but that didn't seem to apiece the demonstrators. they want egypt's interim military government to step in right away. they assure the people it will after the presidential election set for next june but demonstrators say that's not soon enough. and vowing to pressure,
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james murdoch resigned after the defunk of the the world newspaper and the younger murdoch continues to deny any involvement in the phone hacking scandal where journalists routinely broke into people's accounts to get the scoop on stories. and keeping with tradition, president obama pardoned a turkey today. the first family was on hand as they spared the life of liberty. it's been moved to mt. vernon where it will live out the rest of its life. president obama joked around calling liberty the luckiest bird on the face of the earth. >> it sure is. well, the september death of a second greater at bay road and gloria way was the last straw, they say. the city council hired a transportation engineer to make a safety evaluation but the
6:36 pm
analysis concluded that the intersection did not meet the state guidelines for a stop signs. that's shocking to the people who live in that neighborhood. the guidelines say five people must be killed in a 12-month period for a stop sign to be added, if you can believe that. experts did suggest school crosswalk signs and marked pavement should be added. the council will address the issue at the next meeting. another prestigious property is being sold. the luxury inn gauge house has been seized by lenders asking for more than $8 million for the 100--year-old home and spa and cottage. $8 million. that's a huge drop from the 2006 purchase price at $13 million. this follows news that the famed sonoma mission inn is for sale for $100 million. its owners defaulted on a loan
6:37 pm
earlier this year. it's a tough year. that's how sacred heart community service is summing up the extraordinary need for helping people in the south bay. they are having more people come in in their 46 hp year history. so far the charity is meeting the needs of those who ask for help but it's up to generous supporters that makes the effort possible. >> yeah, we're actually seeing the increasing needs on so many different levels. families from, you know, single individuals and to large families, people from all walks of life, from all corners of our community, people that never experienced poverty before, people that have been struggling for a really long time, a lot more seniors. it seems to be getting worse and worse. >> i haven't had to utilize their services lately, fortunately, but unfortunately, we're here now and it's a great
6:38 pm
service. >> carol lost her job a couple of weeks ago. once the holiday weekend is over, the program immediately begins to ramp up for christmas, besides providing another round of food boxes, they hope to give toys to some 6600 local kids. still to come here at 6:00, the zoo is the last place you'd think of stopping by for thanksgiving dinner. it was an all outsell brags in san francis out celebration in san francisco. bigger than life. the story could be coming to the big screen. the latest plan for the steve jobs bio pic. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. temperatures cooled off to 59 in safrancisco and oakland at 60. just slightly below average. and there's our storm. we are tracking travel delays. and i'll have the latest from the faa coming up in just a few minutes.
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the hollywood screen writer who won an oscar for the movie about facebook founder mark zuckerberg could be writing a movie about steve jobs. sony has asked him to write a screen play based on the best selling biography on steve jobs. he's strongly considering the offer. he finds him a great thinker. he died in august of pancreatic cancer. an all vege holiday feast searched up today at the children's zoo. childrens screamed in shock.
6:42 pm
the table all the details were perfect from the place cards and the fruits of bubbly. you might know this. turkey was not on the menu because they are vegetarian. there was plenty of fruit, salad, and sweet potatoes. >> well, they are giving thanks to all the people in the world trying to save the forests of mad gas scar and giving things to their wonderful zookeepers who love them. >> what was the movie? >> penguins of madagascar. >> today's feast is a way to engage and help them get more and you know what is going to happen next? it would be fun. let's take a look.
6:43 pm
the embarcadro plaza lit up. we'll tell you about the showers and where we're finding two-hour delays in the bay area, coming up. and the red hot sharks return to the tasks to face the conference rival. we'll preview their matchup with the blackhawks. we're less than 24 hours away from the hardball bowl. find out why another matchup could take center stage in the showdown with the ravens. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief.
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while most dungenss crab lovers will have to settle for plain old crabs but recreational crabbers in pacifica are trying to fill that void and the buckets, too. >> reporter: there are times in life when a person wants something so bad they take matters into their own hands. >> next year's catch. >> reporter: that is was the motivation today behind dozens of amateur crabbers at the pacifica pier. >> just trying to catch some since we can't buy them in the supermarket. >> reporter: a shortage means there won't be any for sale by thanksgiving so for now
6:46 pm
recreational fishermen have the ocean to themselves. >> when they are not out there, that's why this place is packed and you've got a chance to get a lot of crabs. he was the king of the crabbers today hauling in a catch of five and not shedding over any tears over the current dispute. >> i don't wish nothing bad on them but they can argue another day or two and i'll be happy. >> reporter: here mostly employed fishing poles and a method called snaring which is based on the law of averages. >> fget stuck in here and here you go, come home to daddy. but as many learned, it doesn't guarantee success, sea lions and snafus were waiting at every
6:47 pm
return. >> reporter: luckily, pointer kindly allowed her to pose with one of his crabs. >> here you go. it's my first catch today. >> reporter: by the end of the day, there was a tale of the haves and have-nots. >> it's having the delicious crab that you know you can't go and buy. >> and for those who came home with an empty bucket -- >> if i never went home with anything it would still be fun. >> now, see you have the crab and want to have a crab. >> tale of the haves and have-nots in pacifica. >> i know. we'll have to settle for turkey and a little bit of rain, though? >> yes. a little bit of rain. most of you will be sleeping when most of the heavy rain moves in. still tracking, according to the faa, major delays. moderate delays in seattle.
6:48 pm
but we are running over two hours behind due to some ground maintenance issues with low clouds in san francisco. so you may want to call ahead if you're going to pick up anyone from the airport. today we had the colder air and 60 in san jose and 62 in the valley. we're tracking the storm system, mainly centered well off to the north. if you're heading off to redding, red bluff, chico, the heaviest rain right now, down towards the bay area, we're getting the rain offshore but it's so slow to move in and better for your commute tonight. low 50s right now in the north bay. from points northward at 19 miles per hour, sustaining into the low 20s, near windsor, we continue to see the showers develop over the next hour. it's going to be a really slow push off towards the south tonight. right now, mainly plenty of mid-to upper 50s across the board. let's get you into the weather headlines. for tonight, the rain continues
6:49 pm
to move off towards the south. thanksgiving, a few morning showers and here's the good news. gradual clearing in here for the midday and afternoon hours at a much better weekend shaping up for us. the system is very slow and in the next 18 hours will be moving out of california and while we have another storm out of here, plenty of clearing is building in once the holiday storm pushes off to the east and in the early morning hours of thanksgiving. that's going to leave us with yet again another cold day for us with 50s inland and throughout friday, we find dry weather, sunshine on your black friday, if you're heading out in the early morning hours, we're also looking dry. so for tonight, rain continues to develop. first here across the north bay and then by the early morning hours, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, it pushes into the east and south bay. accumulating rainfall and then you get that second stretch in to get more turkey and pie and dry weather for you.
6:50 pm
a quarter and half an inch and elsewhere, quarter inch and less throughout the livermore and dublin regions, also for san jose. if you're headed up to lake tahoe, not so much for tonight and early tomorrow, only one to two inches. but be prepared for slick conditions and what to expect is the clearing as we head throughout the noon and afternoon hours for thanksgiving. for tonight, 47 in san rafael, 46 in santa rosa and 53 in san jose. and tomorrow, plenty of upper 50s to near 60s. you need the jacket and you need the layers. on your seven-day forecast, it's sunny officially here saturday and sunday. temperatures close to 50 near monday. it's cold tomorrow but keeps us in season and in check. it is still november. >> yes, it is. >> yes. >> all right. happy thanksgiving, you guys. >> yes. >> happy turkey day. >> let's get to sports.
6:51 pm
>> are you going grocery shopping? >> i was making my list. i've got to stop at different homes and i want to make sure that i'm polite. i'm going to bring a small pie to each home. i bring great conversation, bad jokes, and a real good attitude. so people don't mind having me over. let's get to sports. jim and john are ready to play the family feud that will take place, 49ers and baltimore ravens are scheduled to kickoff at 5:20. should be a very good game. and the showdown continues to steal the headlines. tomorrow'smerichti mattiup leads two of the best defenses. in baltimore with the latest. >> happy day before thanksgiving where the game between the 49ers
6:52 pm
and the ravens will be only the fourth time that these two franchises meet. the brothers are gaining most of the attention but the league's top defense is put against each other. the ravens' defense ranked fourth overall and allowing fewer than 18 points a game. >> defensively, you know, the front seven is extremely good, very well coached. obviously the linebackers are very good players. arguably the best free safety that ever played the game. very well coordinated defense. very physical. >> the first person that p pos to your mind when you think about that, he's been there for a long time and he's been a guy that has led that team, you know, to sp. to many victories. >> as far as number 52, ray
6:53 pm
lewis is back at practice with the ravens this week in a limited fashion as he recovers from a toe injury. he's currently listed as questionable during this thanksgiving game, which means that he is 50/50 to play. >> thank you, mindy. meanwhile, the sharks return home after two straight road wins. they have won five of six overall and scored 20 goals during that same stretch. tonight the chicago blackhawks are in town and a preview of tonight's matchup. >> there was no for getting the way we played the last two games and we won't forget it tonight. >> following a 5-2 loss in calvary and in edmonton, the last two are scheduled in lossing vegas. >> we bonded as a team and enjoyed each other's company. i think it's a necessary thing if you want success during the
6:54 pm
season. >> reporter: but will success come after a trip to sin city? >> we are heading into our break and a few days off to think about it. >> could be a the last couple of games we haven't had as well, we refocus and talk about it and redeem ourselves. >> redemption and angry team is what the sharks face tonight. >> we are going to expect the best tonight obviously after having a couple hard last games and we always get ready for the other team's best but tonight we have to be ready. >> they know what chicago's been through. we know how we would respond. we don't have to post anything or tell them. >> all in convinces fashion against detroit, dallas and
6:55 pm
colorado. the specialty as of late has been in second periods, seven of the last 13 goals have been in that frame. at hp pavilion, nbc bay area sports. >> thank you, brody. a question for jessica, do you know how to make sweet potato pie, my favorite, jessica? >> if i don't, i sure will learn for you. >> now we're talking. thank you, jessica. >> let's break this up. happy thanksgiving. see you tonight. of happy thanksgiving to both m you. folfa r a aou bre aay orts coverage, watch tonight at 10:30. >> we'll be right back. or
6:56 pm
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that's going to do it for us. >> have a great thanksgiving tomorrow. we hope to see you back here at 11:00. >> bye-bye. [ male announcer ] if you're ready to get more from your tv service,
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